Paul Mengert Who Serves As The President Of Association Management Group

Paul Mengert, who serves as the President of Association Management Group, has recently been involved with teaching in a Management Development Program for the Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Charlotte. This is an exciting opportunity for both Paul Mengert and business professionals who want to be able to expand their knowledge. Business professionals get a chance to utilize the Harvard case method of analysis, as well as a chance to have lively interactive discussions about real world business situations. This is a program that has been rewarding for its students because it teaches valuable business and management lessons through individuals with authority and experience in the field. This is a program that is, in many ways, similar to a Masters of Business Administration program, albeit in an abbreviated form. The program is taught by local Harvard Business School alumni, many of whom are Managing Partners, Presidents, and Chief Executive Officers.

Paul Mengert’s management company, Association Management Group, is based out of Greensboro, but has a significant presence in Charlotte and throughout North and South Carolina. He has lauded the Management Development Program as an opportunity for students to be able to learn from managers who have put their Harvard Business School educations to the test. Professionals at all levels who have completed the Management Development Program have recommended it as a way to expand your mind and way of thinking as well as pushing you to think critically. Looking at issues from a broader viewpoint is the goal and it has managed success in its pupils thus far.

More than fifty local companies have sent executives to the Management Development Program, including major corporations like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Carolina CAT, CC. Dickson Co., Duke Energy, Microsoft, Pfizer, and now Association Management Group. Paul Mengert has been happy to be able to be a part of this valuable program and to learn a few things from it himself. Best of all, the program benefits local charities. After the expenses of the program are covered, the balance of the proceeds are donated to local non-profits like A Child’s Place, Catherine’s House, Buddy Kemp Caring House, and others, with more than $350,000 being donated thus far.